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CT Table for veterinary use

OP-Table for Horses


Article-No: CT-00-OP-Table

Planning, production and assembly of CT additional table for veterinary medicine   

CT-Tisch Veterinär

CT Siemens

Somatom Emotion 6-slices

YOM: 2004


Article-No: CT-00-SI-EM-06

Tube: DURA 422 MV - YOM:10/2008
Tube scan sec: ca. 369.497
System scan sec: ca. 593.135
SW: SyngoSomaris 5/CT2014A

SW-Version: VB42B

updated by Siemens in 2014

Towers: ICS 7A, IRS 7A
new in 2007 / 2008
air cooled
best condition
CT Siemens Somatom Emotion 6-slices

CT Siemens  OPEN

Somatom Sensation 16-slices

YOM: 2006


Article-No: CT-00-SI-SE-16



- sold -



Open CT-wide bore Gantry 82 cm

Tube: Straton O

Tube new in 12/2016

SW-Version: VB42B
including: water cooling system
available: Q1 2017
best condition

CT Somatom Sensation - 16-slices OPEN

CT Siemens

Somatom Sensation 64-slices

YOM: 2005


Article-No: CT-12-SI-SE-64

Tube: Straton Z - YOM: 05/2013

Tube scan/sec: ~ 420 000

System scan/sec: ~1.320.000

SW: Somaris 5/Syngo CT 2014A

CT Siemens

Somatom Definition Dual Source CT


YOM: 2008


Article-No: CT-15-SI-DE-128


- sold -

Tube A: SW Version VA44A - Type: Straton

Installed: 01/2013

Tube B: SW Version VA44A - Type: Straton

Installed: 11/2008


CT Toshiba

Aquillion 64-slices

YOM: 2006


Article-No: CT-18-TO-AQ-64

Tube: CXB-750D/3A

Generator: High Voltage Generator CXXG-012A

CT Toshiba Aquillion 64 - 24.01.19


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