Different medical equipment

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Bone Densiometer

GE Lunar DXA DPX-NT Fullsize

YOM: 2002


Article-No: 00-BD GE Lunar




Bone Densiometer GE Lunar DXA DPX-NT Fullsize YOM: 2002
Systemsoftware for Windows 7 Version 16
proofed tube, callibration and TAP Par 17a
Messphantome QK, QA
PC mit 16 001 ENCORE auf WIN 7 Prof 
Bone Densiometer GE Lunar DXA DPX-NT Fullsize

Bone Densiometer


YOM: 200%


Article-No: 00-BD HOLQDR

Bone Densiometer Hologic QDR Explorer -

YOM: 2005

PC, Monitor, CDs, tec.Spezification, Callibrations Phantom, Printer

Option: lateral Wirbelsäulen Messplatz

Knochendichtemeßgerät Hologic QDR Explorer

Storz Tele Pack Endoskopy System


- NEW -

Article-No: 07-StorzTele


Tele Pack system unit Telecam CCD Camerahead with cable and lens
Power cord 400A
Compact Flash card
Cold light cables 495NA
BNC Vidokabel 200cm 536MK
S-video cable (Y/C) 180 cm 547 S

Erbe ICC 350 M



Article-No: 00-Erbe ICC 350 M


Footswitch, Accessories


good condition !

Erbe ICC 350

Erbe ICC 200 E



Article-No: 00-Erbe ICC 200 E




good condition !

Erbe ICC 200 E

lead glasses


Article-No: 00-lead-glass

different lead glasses for X-ray and CT-rooms

on demand

x-ray tubes


Article-No: 00/---

on demand

Siemens x-ray tube

Type: P40Mo W P40MoW-100G

YOM: 11/2007


Article-No: 00/---

for Mammography system

Mammomat 3000 / Mammomat 3000 Nova

proofed by Manufacturer

Melag Sterilizer

Type 71


Article-No: 00-Melag71

HotAir-Sterilizer Melag Type 71 

Incubator Dräger

Type: 8000 IC


Article-No: 00-Incubator8000IC

good condition

Inkubator Dräger 8000 IC

Generator Gasoline



Article-No: 00-Generator

230V/50 Hz


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